Claim Your RHOM Airdrop Here

Step 1

Retrieve a RHOM address using one of our available wallets to generate a Rhombus address for your airdrop to be sent to

Step 2

Sign a message from your Bitcoin wallet with the following text:

Make sure to put your actual BTC / RHOM address in place of MY_RHOM_ADDRESS and MY_BTC_ADDRESS in the message you sign.
Ex: RHOM AIRDROP RAyREvp1PLoiLnhxHYVdGZviiiSFvbbixg 1FfmbHfnpaZjKFvyi1okTjJJusN455paPH

Step 3

Using the collection information complete the form on this page and click claim. Select Bitcoin Core for any wallet other then electrum or trezor Your Airdrop will be verified and then transfered to the supplied address/

Please note
if you sign with your trezor using electrum, select electrum as your wallet!.

Submissions directly from trezor require manual processing.
Sign through electrum for automated processing!

Submit multiple claimshere

Check here for more complete details

Or our API for automating a larger wallet