Over 14k btc claimed
~ 760,000,000.00 USD

500m burnt

Untraceable - Decentralized - Proof of Stake
Airdrop Snapshot: 660023

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Coin Specifications


Block reward for Proof of stake

1 Billion

Initial supply

2.5 Minute

Block time target


Ring CT and Bulletproof enabled chain

Proof of Stake

Only POS. No POW phase

Private DAPPS

Applications on a privacy-focused decentralized ecosystem using the bitcoin codebase

Rhombus leverages several audited privacy protocols extending the Bitcoin codebase to offer a secure environment for developers to build novel applications of the technology easily.

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Rhombus Qt

Rhombus Qt is a intuitive, and user-friendly desktop application. Make untraceable payments or start staking your funds. Rhombus Qt is your point-of-access into the Rhombus ecosystem.