6 Billion RHOM Airdrop

6 Billion RHOM Distributed to BTC holders
before 660023

See RHOM Airdrop on Wiki for full details.

Airdrop is Over!

Airdrop Overview

The RHOM airdrop consists of 6B distrubted at a ratio of ~500:1 RHOM to BTC. To be eligable to claim your share of the airdrop you must have held the private key to a Bitcoin address with a positive balance greater then 0.001 before the cutoff block 660023

This period will close on December 5th, 2021 and all unclaimed airdrop coins will be burnt to increase scarcity. To claim you must provide the correct signed message and submit it before the cutoff date.

More details on claiming can be on our WIKI

BTC Snapshot 000000000000000000070f733a7938515c60e693fb07c46538a9fcff5d1c6830
RHOM avaliable for airdrop ~6 Billion
Ratio of RHOM:BTC ~500:1