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Latest Bitcoin codebase

Rhombus is a privacy coin built from the Bitcoin Core codebase and is always updated to its latest version

RHOM is hosted by its own blockchain and is not a token built on another chain (i.e. ERC-20 tokens).


Being built on the latest Bitcoin codebase not only allows the Rhombus platform to benefit from both Bitcoin’s stability and security, but also enables developers to leverage and easily fork any product, service and technology development from the Bitcoin developer community.

Recent Bitcoin developments implemented in Rhombus include but are not limited to:

  • Segwit
  • HD wallets
  • multi-sig addresses
  • block pruning
  • fast syncing
  • easy tor setup
  • watch-only wallet support
  • libsecp256k1 signing and signature validation
  • and most importantly a fix to the node-bricking bug that was recently disclosed at Breaking Bitcoin 2017

Additionally, Bitcoin being the most integrated and worked with codebase in the industry makes Rhombus’s code much easier to integrate than lesser known codebases.