Getting started

Welcome to Rhombus Project!

This series of guides will walk you through the first steps into Rhombus ecosystem. Buckle up!

Learn about Rhombus

This Wiki is a great informational and supportive resource for all things Rhombus. Understanding the whole project might be a bit overwhelming, so we propose studing it piece by piece. Many topics are covered here, but at the bare minimum, you should read all the articles marked with ★ symbol as those are the most important ones:

Choose your wallet

If you’re new to Rhombus or cryptocurrencies in general, we recommend downloading our flagship wallet – Rhombus Core. It is our most actively developed wallet offering all the main features Rhombus offers.

Alternatively, feel free to compare all available wallets and choose whichever fits you the best.

Discover RHOM

RHOM is native cryptocurrency of Rhombus ecosystem.

In short: it’s based on always up-to-date Bitcoin code, meaning it’s constantly getting all the performance and security updates (believe it or not, this is not standard) with additional privacy enhancements on top of it. But there’s so much more…

Some must-read articles about RHOM currency include:

  • Transaction types – quick intro to Rhombus’s different privacy coins (Public vs Private transactions)
  • Staking – securing Rhombus network and earning interest on your owned coins in the process (easy, hassle-free and without a need for expensive “mining” equipment)


When you’re familiar with what RHOM can do, you’re ready to buy your first RHOM.

Visit our official website for up-to-date overview of available Exchanges.

Join our awesome community!

Rhombus wouldn’t be what it is without our great community.

Don’t miss out on all the fun and join us:

To keep with all latest news and important updates (like hardforks), be sure to follow at least one of our news channels:

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