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  • Transaction types The Rhombus coin can be sent in one of three privacy states, each with their own degree of privacy and cost
  • How to stake Staking is a way of securing the Rhombus network (similar to “mining” in Bitcoin), while generating you passive income, or “interest”
  • Securely storing Recovery Phrases Properly storing and securing your Recovery Passphrases is paramount to every crypto holder – learn some best practices
  • Wallets overview Rhombus comes in many forms – every wallet offers different set of features – choosing one depends on your needs
  • Backup & Restore wallet Using wallet.dat to completely backup and restore your wallet
  • Cold staking setup How to secure Rhombus network while keeping your coins offline, away from malicious hackers
  • About Rhombus's PoS The Rhombus platform uses a custom Proof-of-Stake protocol, Rhombus Proof-of-Stake (RPoS), as its consensus mechanism