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Tips for increasing privacy

Every privacy-aware software can be futile as long as the user isn't aware of certain facts and/or limitations

Here are a few tips to keep you private as much as possible:


  • Never brag about how much RHOM or BTC you own, online or offline. All it does is bringing attention to you; scammers and hackers would surely love to get a piece of your pie. It’s not worth the risk.
  • Don’t post your crypto addresses publicly – when you get some donations, it will help anybody to track your transactions. If you have to, be sure to post only Private (stealth) addresses or create a completely separated wallet, only for the donations. This way you won’t mix up your personal and donations coins.



  • Use unique addresses for each transaction. That doesn’t mean that you should always change e.g. address for donations you posted on your website, but when transacting with others, it’s better to use unique addresses each time. With Rhombus Core, you’ll need to generate them manually.
  • Use Anon transactions whenever possible. Paying a little more for transaction fee makes the whole network a bit more private (everybody profits)


  • Grow your “pool” of Private coins – in other words, keep a portion of your coins in Private balances forever. The more Private coins are in existence, the better for the whole network (regarding privacy). Consider keeping at least 10 % of your funds in Private balances and use those for spending. The rest can stay in Public balance, staking and earning you interest.
  • When receiving Private balances (Blind/Anon) never convert all of them (i.e. exact amount of coins received) back to Public RHOM immediately. This will make it harder for the bad guys to correlate the links between original Public coins and those you just converted from Private ones.


Other resources

A great place to learn about all your options for preserving online privacy: PrivacyTools.io