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Rhomtools staking utility

Rhomtools is a CLI utility for managing your self-hosted staking nodes, like DSD or servers

About Rhomtools

Rhomtools displaying staking status
Rhomtools displaying staking status

Rhomtools automates all kinds of heavy lifting related to running your own (staking) node. It’s very lightweight and runs on many platforms, including ARM (for DSD like Raspberry Pi, Rock64 and others).

As CLI, it doesn’t offer any graphical interface, but it’s still very usable and user-friendly.

Rhomtools GitHub repo/download

Use cases

Rhomtools is ideal for running your own staking node 24/7 on a DSD. These devices have a very low power consumption and still offer enough computing power and storage to run a Rhombus full node.

See out comprehensive and unified Guide for setting up Cold staking and detailed Guide for setting up your own node with Rhomtools!


Once you have your DSD with Rhomtools set up, you can use it for cold staking with your main wallet (running on your PC or mobile). Your main wallet therefore doesn’t need to be online 24/7, yet you still get your staking rewards.

It’s a step for increased convenience and, at the same time, also security. With cold staking activated, your main wallet (PC/mobile) has only rights to spend the coins, whereas your staking node (DSD with Rhomtools) has only right for staking. Even in the case that your DSD would somehow got hacked, the attacker couldn’t steal the coins on it.


  • Automatic updates
  • Download, verify and install latest rhomd (daemon)
  • Update rhomd to latest version
  • Create new wallets
  • Configure new staking node
  • Create/list multiple public keys for staking
  • Show node status (connections, staking status etc.)
  • Display staking stats for current month & year
  • Enable/disable and auto-configure UWF firewall