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Cold staking on Ledger wallet

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting your Ledger Nano S/X hardware wallet up for cold staking on the Rhombus blockchain

This tutorial assumes Rhombus has been properly installed on your Ledger Nano S/X hardware device and that your Rhombus Core wallet is set up for Rhombus on Ledger.


Before starting the setup process, make sure you have:

Staking setup

Get your staking public key

Via staking pool

Choose one of the available staking pools and note somewhere its staking public key (they are usually right there on the top of the page).

Via self-hosted staking node

  1. Set a staking node up (if you haven’t already done so)
  2. In your staking node’s terminal screen, create a new public key by entering the following in rhomtools’s folder:
./rhomtools stakingnode new
  1. Note the public key somewhere, you will need it for later

Connect Rhombus Core to your staking node

  1. open and unlock Rhombus Core
  2. plug your Ledger to your computer and make sure it is ready to transact (verify if there isn’t any required update and that everything is okay on Ledger Live)
  3. open the Staking setup window by going in WindowStaking Setup
  4. enter the noted staking public key into Cold staking change address field
  5. confirm by clicking Apply

Opening Staking Setup window
Opening Staking Setup window
Entering Staking node public key
Entering Staking node public key

Initiate cold staking

AKA “zapping” coins

To initiate cold staking on your Ledger using Rhombus Core, your coins need to be on a cold staking address (which at that point, they aren’t yet). To do just that, you will need to:

  1. Enable Coin Control
    1. Settings → Options
    2. in Wallet tab, check “Enable coin control features”
    3. confirm by clicking OK
  2. Generate new Receiving address and copy it
    1. Receive → click Request payment
    2. copy generated address
  3. Send some small amount to your newly generated address using all available non-staking outputs
    1. Send → under Coin Control Features click on Inputs...
    2. check all available outputs with addresses starting with P and confirm with OK (note: if you have any addresses starting with 2, those coins are already cold staking – don’t select those)
    3. copy your previously generated receiving address to Pay to field
    4. set transaction Amount to some small value like 0.001 RHOM
    5. click Send and confirm
Zapping on Rhombus Core

This will send all but those 0.001 RHOM to your cold staking address(es). Once the sent coins mature for staking (about 8 hours), they will start staking automatically on your Ledger.

Verify your setup

You can check that your coins are correctly sent to your staking node (or a pool).

Via Rhombus Core

In Rhombus Core, go to Staking setup again (WindowStaking Setup) – you should see:

  • Cold staking enabled: True
  • Percent in cold staking script: 100.00 (or something really close like 99.81)

Via your staking node

If you’re self-hosting your staking node, SSH into your device again and in rhomtools’s folder run:

./rhomtools status

The output of that command should indicate rhombusd staking currently?: YES as well as display the number of coins being staked by the staking node next to rhombusd staking wallet weight: <amount of your coins>

Congratulations, you’re now successfully (and safely!) staking your RHOM from Ledger hardware wallet!