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  • Specifications
  • Hosting your own Coldstaking Pool How to host a new instance of Rhombus's coldstaking pool
  • How to stake Staking is a way of securing the Rhombus network (similar to “mining” in Bitcoin), while generating you passive income, or “interest”
  • Cold staking setup How to secure Rhombus network while keeping your coins offline, away from malicious hackers
  • About Rhombus's PoS The Rhombus platform uses a custom Proof-of-Stake protocol, Rhombus Proof-of-Stake (RPoS), as its consensus mechanism
  • Cold Staking Pools Cold staking pools are to Proof-of-Stake coins what mining pools are to Proof of Work coins (like Bitcoin)
  • Dedicated Staking Devices Turn your Raspberry Pi into a dedicated staking device and run a full node of Rhombus's blockchain
  • Rhomtools staking utility Rhomtools is a CLI utility for managing your self-hosted staking nodes, like DSD or servers
  • Staking on DSD with Rhomtools DSD are ideal way for running Rhombus full node and getting staking rewards for securing the network 24/7
  • Cold staking on Ledger wallet This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting your Ledger Nano S/X hardware wallet up for cold staking on the Rhombus blockchain